Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 28 - Yep, that's where I'm going to pick up.

Alright first of all, don't ask me about days 1-27, they're lost now, gone, vamoose.  Let's not dwell on lost posts or if I even wrote them at all...That's not the point! The point is that we are at day 28.

So I'm not sure how this "blog" is going to go but I just know two things for sure:
  1. I need help with "expressing" myself. Lack thereof generally leads to the hermit life that I enjoy so much of but really does not please those close to me. Plus with me writing these posts, we are all sure that I am not dead or have been abducted.
  2. As stated earlier, the people in my life really get nothing from me.  They usually have to pry to get any details on what goes on in my daily life. Let's be real, my life is their life.
With that said, let's just dive into it with today's series of events:

Headed out to what is beginning to be one of my favorite coffee shops in Seattle - Bauhaus Ballard. It's roomy and has the perfect coffee atmosphere.  Their drinks are NO JOKE, you're good with any route you go through.

Today is "First Thursday"

First Thursday of the month where a lot of Seattle museums offer free admission to all patrons. I chose to check the Nordic Heritage Museum solely for the reason that it was 5 minutes away from Bauhaus and parking was free.  I absolutely had no interest in learning about Nordic culture, and I wish I could end that statement with "...until I checked out Seattle's Nordic Heritage Museum!" but no, that would be such a FAT lie. It was...okay? There was a logging room that just reminded me of that "Yoo-hoo!" guy from Frozen.

Also, I think I'm going to try and restore this blog as what it was supposed to be - a music blog. I state this lightly, as light as a wine cooler can be.  I'm just talking about music that has gotten my attention at the moment.

I've recently become entranced by Andrew Hozier-Byrne or Hozier, his stage name.
(Defensive Disclaimer: for you bored souls reading this thinking "she JUST got heard of Hozier?" Yeah yeah yeah, I know I'm not a pioneer in discovering new music, I'm just laying it down on what I appreciate, so none of that "I've been listening to his stuff for years now!", cool? Cool.)

Hozier offers a sound that for me takes care of all the moods I might be in when listening to a live band.  Entertaining enough for whether I'm alone, enjoying a drink at the bar or chilling with friends in a booth making the slightest head nods and body movements.  He also gets you to the point where you wanna get out of your seat and rock out. And now this is the most crucial one, Hozier's music would work for when I'm chatting with anyone and for the love of god, this small talk isn't going anywhere, the music is good enough to distract both parties enough to END CONVERSATION. Now, that's that stuff.

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